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Yoga & Wellness: a guide to the best holistic retreats

Take a deep breath...Traveling, reconnecting with nature, meditating, or even detoxifying and transforming yourself, are all possible ways to immerse yourself in a retreat and do yourself some good for a while. Yoga and wellness retreats are becoming more and more popular and are flourishing all over Europe and even further afield. Detox, sport, reconnection to oneself, yoga, meditation, nutrition... How to find one's way in this plethora of offers? Le Colibry has selected for you some of these enchanted retreats.
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Follow in Le Colibry’s Footsteps in Ibiza: Must-See Views and Off-the-Beaten-Path Spots

During her second trip to Ibiza — a little slice of paradise — Le Colibry strode around the south, made a detour to the north, spent a day in Formentera, ate lots of grilled fish in the dazzling “calas,” and took secret paths that led to some beautiful views. This article, written with love just for you, includes her favorite spots and greatest discoveries from the trip.
Fondation Louis Vuitton

One Day in Paris: Le Colibry Tours the Fondation Louis Vuitton

Its tagline is “creation is a journey,” and you’ll understand why when you visit the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Its awe-inspiring curved glass walls and sleek lines were designed to resemble a “magnificent ship” by iconic American architect Frank Gehry. The Fondation offers a full tour of the building so visitors can fully appreciate its unique architecture.
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Le Beaupassage: The New Paris Hot Spot for Gourmet Living

It’s got a trendy dining hall, a bakery, a sit-down restaurant, a butcher’s shop that doubles as an eatery, and even a fitness center. This unusual new hub for all things gourmet features Michelin-starred chefs and top names in the restaurant world. You can stroll around, grab a table, refuel, or work out at Le Beaupassage. Le Colibry tells all.