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Geneva’s Coziest Tea Rooms this Winter

Upon landing in Geneva, a Parisian set off in search of a café she could call her own, for settling into a good book, chit-chatting with a friend, or daydreaming and watching the passersby… What this city lacks in “working mom” true Parisian-style cafés, it makes up for in “tea rooms.” Here are Le Colibry’s favorites.

Ladurée genevaFor (Not Just) Fashionistas: Ladurée

The newest and trendiest location just opened inside Geneva’s Four Seasons Hotel.
In her signature neo-baroque style, designer India Mahdavi has created a tea room worthy of Marie Antoinette, with a whimsical twist. Mint green and mauve make the furnishings look good enough to eat, and even the light fixtures and counters are reminiscent of classical French desserts.
Their hot chocolate is simply divine, and their Mille et Une Nuits tea and mini macarons make the perfect pairing.
Bonus points: They also serve lunch and sell pastries and macarons to take home for later.
Getting there: 33 Quai des Bergues – 1201 Geneva


For Aristocrats: Aux Merveilleux de Fred

This bright café’s late 18th century French-style paintings and gorgeous chandelier will make you feel like a member of high society, if only for an hour or two.
Their brioche is to die for — chocolate chip is Le Colibry’s personal favorite.
Bonus points: Take home one of their signature “Merveilleux” cakes, a meringue and whipped cream confection. They look rich but are light and fluffy enough that you don’t have to share…
Getting there: 9 Rond-point de Plainpalais – 1205 Geneva

cafe slatkineFor Bookworms: Café Slatkine

This warm and unique café littéraire is also full of history. Mendel Slatkine opened his bookstore in 1918, and a few years later, at the insistence of his great-grandsons, Café Slatkine was born.
Buy a book or bring your own to read while you sip Mariage Frères tea, peruse their collection of books, or get some work done in peace.
Bonus points: They sell pastries and other snacks from Céline et Sebastien (a very good pastry shop in Eaux-Vives).
Getting there: 5 Rue des Chaudronniers – 1204 Geneva

pougnier-geneveFor Foodies: Pougnier

Calling all dessert lovers! Pougnier is the place for you. It was founded in 1947 and continues to be a mecca for Genevans with a sweet tooth, even four generations later.
They have eight locations in Geneva, although not all of them are tea rooms. Their shop in the Old Town is particularly pleasant and calm, especially on nice days when you can sit outside on the patio.
Getting there: 2 Place du Bourg-de-Four

cou-de-girafe-genevaFor Collectors: Le Coup de Girafe

Nestled in the heart of Eaux-Vives, this tea room-cum-antique shop is so charming that you’ll want to bring your friends. Perfect for tea, coffee, homemade pastries, or even lunch, this cozy and warm spot will make you feel right at home.
Getting there: 18 Rue Maunoir – 1207 Geneva

vivel-patisserie-genevaFor City Slickers: Vivel

This small tea room smack dab in the middle of town serves delicious Middle Eastern pastries to go with your tea.
Take a break from a long day of shopping to sip tea or a fresh-pressed seasonal fruit juice on their small patio along the pedestrian-only street. It is very nice in the summer, and even in the winter when it’s not too cold (they provide blankets).
Getting there: Rue d’Enfer – 1204 Geneva

le-pain-quotidien-genevaFor the Boho Chic: Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien’s rustic tables are always warm and inviting, their atmosphere convivial, their bread hot out of the oven, and their ingredients fresh and all-natural.
From croissants to homemade organic granola to artisan bread with homemade spreads, this café is perfect for breakfast, coffee, or a snack. And don’t forget their famous brunch!
Getting there: 21 Boulevard Helvétique, 1207 Geneva ou 1 Avenue Alfred Bertrand, 1206 Geneva. 

la-tsarine-geneveFor Connoisseurs: La Tsarine

Tea aficionados will adore this small but elegant boutique tea room. La Tsarine offers an incredible variety of flavors from Dammann, a leading name in the tea world.
You can also buy tea on their website. Le Colibry’s favorite brews: Bali (green tea) and Jardin du Luxembourg.
Getting there: 3 Rue de la Tour de Boël – 1204 Geneva 


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