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PARISIAN NIGHTS – 6 Enchanting Places to Call Home

As a Geneva resident for several years, I am rediscovering the ultimate pleasure of Parisian life during (often) professional interludes. While dining at restaurants was already part of my daily routine when I lived in the capital, the same cannot be said for hotels, where I would only catch a glimpse - at best - of their restaurants during a dinner or a business breakfast. To combine business with pleasure, I now take advantage of my Parisian escapades to discover new addresses to spend one or more nights. Trendy, refined, striking, or exceptional, I am delighted to share with you my latest favorites!
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Eco-Conscious Shopping – How to be stylish while being committed to the planet ?

Renting, second-hand, auction sales, upcycling, sorting... there are many options available to adopt a more reasonable and responsible consumption of fashion. The challenge of reconciling fashion and commitment is now possible. You don't have to be a skilled seamstress or spend hours in luxury consignment stores to embark on the path of eco-responsible fashion. Today, there are plenty of "alternative" offers to traditional circuits! In the eye of the Colibry, here are a few ideas to try and adopt.
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Yoga & Wellness a guide to the best holistic retreats

Take a deep breath...Traveling, reconnecting with nature, meditating, or even detoxifying and transforming yourself, are all possible ways to immerse yourself in a retreat and do yourself some good for a while. Yoga and wellness retreats are becoming more and more popular and are flourishing all over Europe and even further afield. Detox, sport, reconnection to oneself, yoga, meditation, nutrition... How to find one's way in this plethora of offers? Le Colibry has selected for you some of these enchanted retreats.
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5 dreamy spas between Paris and Geneva combining eco-responsibility and innovative techniques.

Need to get back to the source? Want to reconnect with yourself? Autumn is often the right time to slow down and settle down. As the sun is no longer generous, we turn to spas, spaces that are both rejuvenating and comforting. I have selected for you 5 addresses between Paris and Geneva where "letting go" rhymes with well-being and full awareness. From palaces to more intimate spaces, between innovative techniques, holistic treatments and eco-friendly signatures, follow the guide to face the winter in the gentlest of ways...
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Scrumptious Raspberry Financier – Cyril Lignac Recipe

The recent stay-at-home order has prompted many well-known chefs to start posting recipes and tips and doing live "cook-alongs" on their websites and social media. Le Colibry took the opportunity to try Cyril Lignac's raspberry financiers, and even learned how to make beurre noisette in the process. His recipe is easy to follow and the result is truly scrumptious. These raspberry financiers make the perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert, especially topped with fresh strawberries or raspberries.